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Wednesday, 29-Mar-2017
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Online Banking brings more comfort and easiness to Customer to carry out their transactions using Net Banking or Debit Card for transactions like ticket purchase, utility payment, purchase of consumer items from popular e-commerce sites. However Customer needs to be aware of precautions he/she has to adhere while undertaking online transactions. Following are some of the TIPS which will help customers to secure their transactions from fraudsters.

  1. Net Banking Transactions:

    1. Always use your home PC or laptop to login to CUB site (www.cityunionbank.com) and never use browsing center  to do Net Banking transactions
    2. Click the link given under Access your Account (Personal Banking or Corporate Banking) given in the main page of the site to login to Netbanking
    3. Please check whether the browser shows the below address “https://www.onlinecub.net/jsp/startnew.jsp”
    4. Change your password frequently
    5. Never share your password to any one
    6. Never use common password or easily predictable password
    7. Never store your password in your mobile, or on the back side of your Debit Card
    8. Your Net Banking is secured by user login followed by image recognition
    9. While doing online transactions, do not click back button to go back to previous page
    10. Each online netbanking transaction is secured by your Transaction Password and second factor authentication in the form of One Time Password (OTP)  to be sent to  your registered mobile number.
    11. Please note that OTP sent to your registered mobile number is valid for the particular transaction and will expire in 15 mts.
    12. Customer is also having the option to receive OTP to their email account. In such case, the OTP is valid for three month from the date of generation
    13. For each successful transactions, CUB will send you a confirmation SMS to your registered mobile number
    14. In case of any SMS received for a transactions NOT done by you, please call our Call Center (044-71225000) or Branch or Computer System Dept (044-28297900 ) immediately
    15. CUB is providing two factor authentications for login to Net Banking (user password and image recognition) as well as two factor authentication for transaction (transaction password and OTP)
    16. Since your mobile phone plays a crucial role in online transactions, please keep your phone safely and never hand over the phone to any one without your supervision. In case of any repair, please remove the SIM before handing over to service engineer for servicing.
    17. Use antivirus software to clean your laptop or PC and always ensure that your anti virus software is current and upto date.
    18. In the case of any change in the mobile number, please update the same by contacting your parent branch

  2. Debit Card based online transactions also called as Card Not Present (CNP) transactions

    1. Using your debit card for online transactions is secured by way of Verify by Visa (VBV).
    2. Website registered with VBV only can accept Visa Cards for payments
    3. Please be aware that all India E-Commerce site are mandated to register for VBV, but VBV is not mandatory in sites operating from outside India. Hence your transaction may get rejected if you attempting any e-commerce transactions from site like ebay.com or amazon.com.
    4. Before doing e-commerce transaction, please ensure that you have also registered your card with VBV and is having VBV password.
    5. For registering your Card with VBV you need to login vbv  site or click on the link “verified by visa” given in our webstie  or use https://secure5.es.arcot.com/vpas/CUB_vbv/enroll/index.jsp?locale=en_US&bankid=4782
    6. Once logged into VBV site, you need to provide your card number, name, Expiry date and ATM PIN for generating vbv password. Please note that this is a one time process and Customer can use the same vbv password for his/her transactions. Customer can also change VBV password any point of time.
    7. Never share your ATM PIN and VBV password to any one
    8. Never store your ATM PIN , VBV password anywhere
    9. Please note for each successful transaction, you will get SMS alert to your registered mobile number.
    10. In the case of any change in the mobile number, please update the same by contacting your parent branch.
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1. Now Pay Smart through Scan & Pay option to other CUB eWallet and Accept Payments from other CUB eWallet using QR Code option.

2. You can safeguard your Debit/ATM card transactions using Enable or Disable ATM/PoS/Ecom option in your Internet/Mobile Banking.

3. Using Netbanking you can book your Rail ticket through IRCTC for Free of Charges.

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5. Visa Debit Card Offers 

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