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Wednesday, 29-Mar-2017
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Terms and conditions governing Internet Banking Service (www.onlinecub.net) of City Union Bank Ltd.,

1 CUB shall extend and the ONLINECUB Customers shall avail of Net Banking facilities on the terms and conditions contained hereinafter. Provided that CUB shall be entitled to withdraw the Net Banking Facility entirely or particularly to the ONLINECUB Customers at any time without assigning any reasons whatsoever. The ONLINECUB Customers acknowledges that CUB shall also be entitled to convert the Net Banking Facility into a paid facility at any time at such rates as CUB may determine from time to time.


2.1 "USER" shall mean and include an ONLINECUB Customer and collectively an ONLINECUB Customers together with the authorised person or persons of such ONLINECUB Customer.

2.2 "ACCOUNT" refers to the Savings Accounts, Current Account and or any other type of account so designated by CUB to be eligible account(s) for access by ONLINECUB Customers through the use of Net Banking Facilities and where such facility is availed of, for carrying out online banking transaction and other Online Services,

2.3 "AUTHORISED person of Onlinecub Customers" means one or more persons duly authorized by the User to use the Net Banking Facilities of ONLINECUB to View and operate the Onlinecub Customers bank account.

2.4 "Billing Companies" or "Merchants" means a company, organization or entity that offers products or services and requests a payment for the same; such entity may sometimes also electronically present a Bill, statement or invoice towards such product/services;

2.5 "Billing Information" means the information from a Billing Company that provides a BillPay Subscriber with the basic detail to understand the amount owed to the Billing Company. It may or may not include specific billing event information or invoice level detail;

2.6 "Commencement Date" means in respect of an Online Service shall refer to the date on which that particular Online Service has commenced.

2.7 "Commercially Reasonable Timeframe" means a period of time as prescribed by the respective biller.

2.8 "CUB" or "BANK" means City Union Bank Limited, having its registered office at 149, T. R Big Street, Kumbakonam 612001, Tamil Nadu, India and carrying on business through its various branches in India.

2.9 "CUSTOMER" means any person or persons, sole proprietary concerns, partnership firm, Association of Persons, Trust, Company, or any other legal entity/juristic person having any type of banking account with any one or more branches of CUB, including accounts in a Trading Style, and in the name of more than one person.

2.10 "ONLINECUB CUSTOMERS" or "USER" means a Customer who has opted for, has been given access to and is duly authorised to use the Net Banking Facilities of ONLINECUB, interalia for carrying out banking transactions and availing of available Online Services .

2.11 "DIGITAL SIGNATURE", like a paper signature, is an authentication mechanism, an electronic signature consisting of transformation of an electronic record using an electronic method (asymmetric crypto system and hash function). It means authentication of any electronic data and record by a subscriber by means of that method and can accurately determine whether the transformation was created using the private key that corresponds to the signers public key; and, whether the initial electronic record has been altered since the transformation was made. A message bearing a Digital Signature verified by the public key listed in the valid certificate is as valid, effective and enforeceable as if the message had been written on paper. That message can provide the same level of security and legal recognition.

2.12 "EBPP/BiIlPay Services" (or BilIPay) means the Bill Presentment and/or Payment Services that enables an Onlinecub Customer to know Billing Information and/or contains a mechanism that enables the Onlinecub Customer to pay the bill;

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3. Using Netbanking you can book your Rail ticket through IRCTC for Free of Charges.

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