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a) Bank Guarantees above Rs.1,00,000/- issued in our bank will be duly signed by two authorised officials of the Bank. Bank Guarantees above Rs.1,00,000/- in single signature are not valid.

b) Confirmation of guarantees, if required will be issued only by Officials of Advances Department, Administrative Office.

c) Our Bank Guarantees will be operative only after issuance of a covering letter to a nominated bank through Structured Financial Messaging System (SFMS) quoting Bank Guarantee Number, Applicant’s name , amount, name and address of beneficiary, expiry date of Bank Guarantee and claim date of Bank Guarantee, if any.

d) Any Bank Guarantee / LC without covering letter issued other than through SFMS will not be binding on the Bank.

e) Beneficiaries of Bank Guarantees should seek confirmation of issuance of Guarantees from our Assistant General Manager, Advances Department, Administrative Office in the following address only:
     Sri. B. Ganesh,
     Assistant General Manager,
     Advances Department,
     City Union Bank Limited,
     Administrative Office 'NARAYANA',
     24 -B, Gandhi Nagar,
     Kumbakonam, Thanjavur - 612 001.
     Cell: 93802 86820
     Landline: 0435 2402322 Extension :238
     Email ID:


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