Dear Customer, We have launched Video KYC facility for New customers to open savings account at the convenience of their home. We would be glad to serve your Family & Friends who may wish to start banking with CUB. Click here to download 'CUB Easy'                 Dear Customer, Online ASBA is enabled in our Net/Mobile Banking.                 Dear Customer, You can now submit Form 15G/H online through Net/Mobile banking.                 City Union Bank, Employees & Board Members together made a humble contribution of Rs 2 Crs to support the Governments in the fight to eradicate Corona Virus pandemic: Rs 1 Cr to @PMcares & Rs 1 Cr to TN CM relief fund                

MSME Cards

CUB offers a choice of cards to its MSME customers

Business Debit Card

  • CUB Business Debit Cards comes with a range of International Debit / ATM cards for your daily cash requirements and payments taking your business requirements into consideration.
  • Higher withdrawal and transaction limits
  • Higher daily purchase limit at retail outlets and merchant websites
  • Convenience of shopping anywhere in the world
  • Business cards are designed to suit specific needs of Sole proprietor, partnership, club, trust, association, private limited companies and public limited companies

Debit Card

  • CUB offers international ATM / Debit Cards to all its customers - CUB ATM / Rupay / Visa / Master Cards
  • Shop using Debit card
  • Book Tickets online - Travel / Entertainment
  • Pay your utility bills
  • Withdraw cash anywhere in the world
  • Now you can choose to block or activate your Debit card through CUB Net, CUB Mobile banking-All in One App for transactions Online or at ATM and PoS
  • Now you can choose to set limits on your Debit card for chosen modes of transaction - Online,  ATM and PoS
  • Type of Cards offered by CUB - Classic, Gold, Platinum based on the withdrawal Limits

Gift Card

  • CUB offers Gift cards to all its customers as well as other users (on submission of KYC form).
  • You can load your gift cards from Rs.500 to Rs.10,000
  • The card is valid for a period of 12 months
  • Use your gift cards for online transactions and in PoS machines
  • You can check balance at ATMs. However, you cannot withdraw cash at ATMs
  • For usage refer FAQs

General Purpose Prepaid Card

  • CUB offers General Purpose Prepaid cards to all its customers as well as other applicants on submittion of KYC form
  • CUB General Purpose Prepaid cards are issued for a minimum amount of Rs. 500/- and maximum of Rs. 50,000/-
  • This card is valid for a period of 12 months
  • Use CUB General Purpose Prepaid card at more than 4.5 Lakh VISA Card accepting merchant locations across India
  • Use CUB General Purpose Prepaid card for online purchases
  • Use CUB General Purpose Prepaid card to withdraw cash and know the balance at any ATMs with VISA logo
  • To view the current balance and mini statement of CUB General Purpose Prepaid card, visit
  • Enjoy using CUB General Purpose Prepaid card any number of times until the entire amount is exhausted
  • Once the balance is exhausted money can be reloaded into it
  • The General Purpose Prepaid card can also be used as gift for all occasions

Travel Card

  • CUB Travel card is a pre-paid foreign currency card that makes your foreign trip totally hassle-free and convenient. You can load this pre-paid card with foreign currencies in India by paying in INR.
  • It is a smart alternative to paper based instruments like Traveller’s cheque or currency notes