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Phishing e-mails are sent through the Internet, using the name of Indian Banks' Association (IBA) / RBI and appealing to the users to update the details of their account with Banks . Our Bank / IBA. / RBI does not send any mail seeking the details of your account/PIN/password.

Since these mails are floated by fraudulent entities, please DO NOT REPLY / CLICK on the link provided in such mails and provide your account details / PIN/PASSWORD

Please ensure that our bank’s website address is shown as follows:

and the URL for the internet banking users starts only with

The authenticity of the Site can be confirmed by placing the cursor on “City Union Bank Ltd (IN)” appearing before the above URL which states VeriSign has identified this site as: Verified by : VeriSign, Inc.

Customers are advised to inform the bank, if there is any abnormal activity in their Mobile phones or sudden disconnection, etc. to enable the bank to monitor the account transactions occured, if any during those interregnum