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Phishing e-mails are sent through the Internet, using the name of Indian Banks' Association (IBA) / RBI and appealing to the users to update the details of their account with Banks . Our Bank / IBA. / RBI does not send any mail seeking the details of your account/PIN/password.

Since these mails are floated by fraudulent entities, please DO NOT REPLY / CLICK on the link provided in such mails and provide your account details / PIN/PASSWORD

Please ensure that our bank’s website address is shown as follows:

and the URL for the internet banking users starts only with

The authenticity of the Site can be confirmed by placing the cursor on “City Union Bank Ltd (IN)” appearing before the above URL which states VeriSign has identified this site as: Verified by : VeriSign, Inc.

Customers are advised to inform the bank, if there is any abnormal activity in their Mobile phones or sudden disconnection, etc. to enable the bank to monitor the account transactions occured, if any during those interregnum

Safeguard your Smart phone against Frauds in Digital payment systems

The usage of Mobile Phone for doing Banking transactions is increasing rapidly. With convenience and mobility of mobile phones, risks are also increasing. Fraudsters cheat the innocent mobile users using various tricks. A new technique has been used by the fraudsters which is given below: 

  • Fraudster would lure the victim on some pretext to download remote access Apps like ‘ANYDESK’ from Playstore or appstore and install the same.
  • The fraudster would somehow get the appcode generated at the time of installation from the user.
  • He would ask the victim to grant certain permissions which are similar to what are required while using other apps. Post this, fraudster will gain access to victim's device to access all other apps.
  • Now fraudster could steal the banking credentials, SMS like OTP, sensitive data and could carry out transactions through the mobile app already installed on the customer's device.
  • If Mobile banking/ Mobile wallet/ UPI applications are installed on the phone, the fraudster will use these Apps and steal the balance in the accounts. 

 Hence you are advised as follows: 

  • Please do not use any remote access apps like ANYDESK in your mobile
  • Please do not share the credentials like Passcode, OTP to anybody even if the caller informs that he is calling from the Bank. Bank will not seek such details.

The following general precautions may be followed to safeguard your smart phone: 

  • Use password/Pattern lock to protect your smart phone.
  • Avoid downloading/installing unknown application without verifying the genuineness (Go to Settings -> Security -> Turnoff "Allow Installation of apps from Unknown sources").
  • Avoid granting all/excessive permissions to applications. Be cautious before granting permission to access SMS/files/camera or any sensitive data.
  • Keep your Antivirus software up-to-date.
  • Please do not click any malicious link from SMS/Email or any other means.
  • Please avoid using public Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth.
  • Please do not jailbreak or root your phone.  
  • Please Keep OS of your Mobile up to date 
  • Please Use PIN to lock your SIM card.
  • Please secure your mobile phone and safeguard your bank balance from fraudsters.