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About Dhi CUB Visa Signature Credit Card

Our bank launched Dhi CUB VISA Signature / Platinum / Master / Rupay credit cards and Corporate Cards with an initial focus on issuing these cards to existing current and savings deposit customers of retail and Corporate customers of the bank. Cardholders will be able to use these cards both within India and overseas to purchase goods and services at retail point of sale (“card present”) as well as online merchants (“card not present”). The cards can also be used to withdraw cash from any ATM that accepts Visa / Master / Rupay credit cards.

All credit cards will be billed to customers on monthly in Indian Rupees. The cards will be hosted in the Pismo card management system which would be managed by CUB’s Technology Service provider (TSP)/ Lending Service Provider (LSP)–M/s 42CardSolutions Pvt Ltd. All credit cards issued by our bank would have Internal standard features including revolving credit, worldwide acceptance, cash withdrawal capability, customer service through website and call centre, courier delivery of plastics, value added offers such as discounts at selected merchants and rewards and / or Cashback programs

The Signature and Platinum credit cards will be primarily targeted at more upscale our deposit customers including senior white-collar executives and high net-worth self-employed individuals.

Your Dhi CUB Visa Signature Credit Card is ready for you to explore a world of exciting privileges that add even more to your unique aspirations and lifestyle. The Dhi CUB Visa Signature Credit Card is for everyone, everywhere, and for everything. Enjoy travel, entertainment, dining, shopping & more, every experience with lifetime value-added benefits, great savings and exclusive offers at zero joining fees. Now experience the flexibility of a secured credit limit with the uniquely designed features, you are sure to love.

Enjoy more every day with your Dhi CUB Visa Signature Credit Card:

Exclusive Privileges

Access best-in-class benefits on travel, entertainment, dining, shopping, & more via the visa network.

1.25% Cash Back

Save more with monthly on your spends* for next 2 years.

Global Acceptance

Wherever you go, enjoy using your Credit Card every time.

Free CUB Keychain Debit Card

Ensure safe &easy Tap payments, every time.

Reimburse Fuel Surcharge

Get daily reimbursements on using the Dhi CUB VISA Signature Credit Card.


Dhi CUB Visa Signature Credit Card is for everyone, everywhere and for everything. Enjoy travel, entertainment, dining, shopping & more with uniquely designed benefits like

  • Global Acceptance anywhere you go.
  • Monthly 1.25% CashBack* for next 2 years.
  • Free CUB KeychainDebit Card for safe Tap payments.
  • Fuel Surcharge Reimbursement daily.

Cashback can only be earned for POS and online retail transactions, excluding fuel, rent, cash advances, and government transactions. Please note that you will not earn Cashback on any other transaction like Balance Transfer, EMI, Fee and Charges, etc.

All the cashback calculated within a particular statement cycle will be credited to the customer in the upcoming month’s credit card statement

Yes, a primary cardholder is eligible to earn Cashback or Reward Points on add-on cards, depending on the card's features.

  • On fuel purchases made with a credit card, a transaction fee known as a fuel surcharge is applied.
  • The fuel surcharge is reversed on your Credit Card within the applicable limits under the fuel surcharge waiver feature.

You can easily activate your Dhi CUB Visa Signature Credit Card in a few steps, online using Net/Mobile Banking.

Your monthly Credit Card Statement will be generated 20 days prior to the payment due date and will be sent by email to you at the email address provided by you. You may also request a printed statement by post.

If you do not recognize any transaction in your Statement, you should raise a dispute by calling us our 1800-309-1442 or send an email to Click here for detailed information.

You can easily pay your Credit Card due amount to your Account using any of the following channels:

  • UPI: Make your payment on any UPI App, add beneficiary as BIZ+Mobile Number+ Last 4 Digits of your card number@cub and Transfer the Due amount to card account directly.
  • Coded NEFT: Fund transfer from any bank, add beneficiary as BIZ+Mobile Number+ Last 4 Digits of your card number, IFSC code CIUB0CMS001 and transfer the funds conveniently.
  • Mobile Banking App: Transfer using the internet banking facility.

The payment due date is the final day on which your card account should be credited with the outstanding balance. Ensure that you pay your Card dues on time in order to avoid any late fees and interest charges. This date is communicated to cardholders via SMS and monthly statements.

Your Credit Card statement is generated with the Total Amount Due, but however, to ease the process, you are required to pay a ‘minimum amount before the due date so that a late fee is not levied. Once this amount has been paid, interest rates will be charged on the pending amount.

Failure to pay the minimum Credit Card bill by the due date would result in:

  • Imposition of late payment fees and interest charges.
  • A negative CIBIL score and negative effects on your future financial credentials.

No, your Credit Card does not have an annual fee.

Click here to view a detailed schedule of charges in our most important terms and conditions document.

In the event your credit card has been lost or stolen or if someone else knows your PIN or other security information, on your notifying us we will immediately to block your credit card from being further misused, subject to the operating regulations and the law in force. We will be able to take necessary action only if you intimate us. Customers may also block their credit card through their mobile/ internet banking application.

Please call our customer care 1800-309-1442 and place the request. Card replacement charges of Rs 500+ taxes are applicable.

You will receive a new card number if your Credit Card was lost, stolen, or damaged.

You can conveniently manage your Dhi CUB Visa Signature Credit Card through Net Banking or Mobile Banking App.

The Credit Limit is the maximum spending amount assigned to the cardholder and is determined on the basis of your credit score. The Credit Limit shown in this statement takes into account charges incurred but not due.

No, we do offer interest-free credit. However, suppose you do not repay the Minimum Amount Due on or before the bill due date. In that case, ‘interest-free credit period’ is suspended if any balance of the previous month’s bill is outstanding.

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