CUB issues FASTag, an RFID device that is affixed on the windshield of your vehicle to have a cashless and hassle free transit through Electronic Toll plazas at National Highways. CUB FASTag program is part of National Electronic Toll Collection(NETC) initiative rolled out by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), under the guidelines of National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) and the Indian Highways Management Company Ltd (IHMCL).

CUB FASTag affixed vehicle will be identified at 690+ Electronic Toll Plaza across National Highways. You should pass through the ETC lanes available and get the toll fee paid from your FASTag wallet which saves waiting time and you don't need to worry about carrying cash for the toll payments. You can use this on-the-fly cashless payment facility to save your precious time and cut down fuel expenses by avoiding snail paced queue's at the tolls.


We are delighted to answer your queries. Feel free to contact us through the below channels to take care of your FASTag queries.

Note : The customer care number is printed at the backside of the tag.

S.No Vehicle Type Tag Color Vehicle Class Tag Joining fee Security Deposit Initial/Min Load Replacement Fee Inactivity Fee Closure Fee
1 Car / Jeep / Van/Small commercial vehicle Violet 4 100 200 200 100 0 100
2 Light Commercial Vehicle Orange 5 100 300 300 100 0 100
3 Three Axle Commercial Vehicles Yellow 6 100 300 300 100 0 100
4 Bus/Truck Green 7 100 400 400 100 0 100
5 4 to 6 axle Pink 12 100 400 400 100 0 100
6 7 or More Axle Blue 15 100 400 400 100 0 100
7 Heavy Construction Machinery (HCM)/Earth Moving Equipment (EME) Black 16 100 500 500 100 0 100

What is CUB FASTag?
Do I need to use any specific lane at the toll plaza to use my CUB FASTag?
How can I buy FASTag?
What are the documents that I need to get the FASTag?

Customers are required to bring in the below mentioned original documents as well as a copy of it, to get the FASTag account created.

For individual(As per our CUB KYC norms)

For corporate(As per our CUB KYC norms)

How would I know the fee amount deducted from my account on crossing a toll?
How do I know my FASTag Wallet balance?
How will I be informed if my FASTag account balance is low?
If there is no ETC lane on a Toll Plaza, how could I pay my Toll Fee?
I have two vehicles, can I use one FASTag for two vehicles?
What is the process to get CUB FASTag when I own a other bank/issuer FASTag?
Whom should I contact, if incorrect amount is deducted from my FASTag account ?
What to do if my CUB FASTag is debited twice at the toll plaza?
What will happen to the account balance on lost tag (FASTag)?
What if I sell/transfer my car?
What to do If I relocate to another city?
How do I recharge the linked account?
How do I recharge the FASTag wallet account through UPI?
Can FASTag be used for passage through toll plazas on the state highway?
Is there any other charges applicable for CUB FASTag?
How do I generate /reset my FASTag username and password?
How would I cross toll plaza, if ETC equipment is not working?
I don't want to use FASTag anymore. What should I do?
In case of harassment/misconduct/discourteous/rude behavior of toll collection staff, what should we do? How

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