CUB BHIM UPI is all you need for Hassle-free payment processes

Bharat Interface for Money (CUB BHIM UPI) is an app that lets users to make easy and quick payment transactions using Unified Payments Interface (UPI). Users can make instant bank to bank transfer, Pay and collect money by just providing the Mobile number or Virtual Payment Address (UPI ID).

What is UPI?

"Unified Payment Interface" (UPI) enables all bank account holders to send and receive money from their smartphones without sharing their bank account information or net banking user id and password.

How can I use UPI?

Users can instantly download CUB ALL IN ONE MOBILE BANKING APP and CUB EWALLET.

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Where can UPI be used?

UPI can be used to transfer money to an individual, collect money from an individual and to make Merchant payments.

What is a UPI ID?

For using UPI, users would need to create an UPI ID of their choice and link the same to any bank account. The UPI ID acts as their financial address and users need not remember beneficiary account number, IFSC codes or net banking user id/password to send or receive money.

Click here for UPI related FAQs
Features of CUB BHIM UPI

Send Money

Request Money

Scan & Pay

Generate QR

Bank Account

Pay to contact

Balance Enquiry

Set / Reset PIN

IPO using UPI ID

Merchant Payments

Forgot UPI pin

Change UPI PIN


Now you can quickly send money through UPI using PAY TO CONTACT option in CUB All in One Mobile app. No need to have multiple apps to make payments using mobile number.

HOW TO USE CUB BHIM UPI APP Click here for demo



Feel free to contact us for help :04471225000


If you lost your mobile or want to block upi / mobile banking send sms to 9281056789 as below format in which [Customer ID] is customer id.

BLOCK [Customer ID].

Click here Grievance


Send money by entering Virtual Payment Address (UPI ID), Account number and QR Scan.



Collect money by entering Virtual Payment Address (UPI ID). Additionally through CUB BHIM UPI App, one can also transfer money using Mobile No. (Mobile No should be registered with CUB BHIM or *99# and account should be linked).



Pay by scanning the QR code through Scan & Pay or generate your to let others make easy payments to you.



You can view the static QR code and Payment addresses linked to your account. You can also share the QR code through various messenger applications like WhatsApp, Email etc. available on phone and can also download the QR code.



You can add other bank accounts on CUB BHIM UPI App and can switch between multiple bank accounts linked with your CUB BHIM UPI App. You can set/change your UPI PIN or check your balance.



Now you can quickly send money through UPI using PAY TO CONTACT option in CUB All in One Mobile app No need to have mutiple apps to make payments using mobile number.



You can check your balance details using CUB BHIM UPI app.



Login Mobile Banking Application (Available in Playstore / IOS APP store “CUB Mbank Plus").

Select UPI -> Manage UPI PIN

1. If you forgot UPI PIN, use FORGOT UPI PIN option.

2. If Existing PIN needs to be changed, use CHANGE UPI PIN option.



The Securities & Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has introduced for retail investors applying through registered brokers, DPs (depository participants) and RTAs (Registrar and transfer agents) to invest in IPOs through the UPI mode. The process for applying for IPO is very easy to understand.

How to Apply?

Create your Kotak UPI ID/VPA by opening the BHIM UPI section of the Kotak Mobile Banking app. Please click here to learn how to create UPI Id.

Please input your Kotak UPI ID/ VPA or any other UPI ID (of UPI 2.0 enabled Apps linked to your Kotak Bank account), in the IPO application form and submit the same during IPO issue period.

3. A mandate request will be sent to your Kotak Mobile banking app (if Kotak UPI is used) or other UPI App (if any other UPI id is used) which you need to approve by entering UPI PIN post checking all the details in the mandate request.

Once approved, the amount will be blocked in your Kotak Bank account and will not be available till end date or expiry date of mandate for If you get the share allotment, the amount will be debited from your account

If you do not get the shares, the block will be removed and the amount will be release for use in your Kotak Bank account.

In case of partial allotment of shares, the corresponding amount would be debited and the remaining amount will released to the customer’s account More details on the process, the list of enabled apps and banks, visit: NPCI , SEBI



With UPI, you can also pay to a merchant on their online platform or at the retail outlet using your UPI ID

Some of the key merchants to whom you can pay using UPI are:

Bajaj Finserv Ltd.
TBZ Limited
And 5000+ other merchants….


Forgot UPI PIN

Select the bank account for which you want to set a UPI Pin. You will see a Set option in case you have never set a UPI Pin for the bank account. Otherwise, you will see a Reset option to set a new UPI Pin for the bank account.

Enter Debit/ATM card details.

Enter the last six digits of your Debit/ATM card number and the expiry date. OTP will be sent from Bank End to your registered mobile number. Enter the OTP and enter new PIN to set your UPI PIN.
Upon successful PIN change, a confirmation SMS will be sent from Bank.


Change UPI PIN

Click Bank Accounts option available in Menu.

Click on the Bank to change the UPI PIN.

Click on the change UPI PIN button available in Menu.

Enter old 4 digit PIN.

Enter new 4 digit PIN and confirm.

PIN will be reset. Upon successful change, a confirmation SMS will be sent from Bank.

Kindly Note that New MPIN should not match with previous 5 MPINs.

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