Cash handling charges for small denomination notes and coins:

Denomination Charges per bundle in excess of more than one bundle per month
Rs. 50 / Rs.20/ Rs.10 / Rs.5 Rs. 30/-

In case of deposit of small denomination notes viz., Rs. 50/20/10/5 etc, an additional amount per bundle as above will be recovered where such bundles are more than one. Part of a bundle will be treated as one for charging purpose. This also applies to all types of accounts i.e SB, CA and CCOD accounts. Branches are permitted to deduct the above charges then and there.

Where coins are tendered in bulk, charges will be recovered at Rs. 10 per Rs 100 in SB, CA and CC OD accounts if more than Rs. 100 is tendered on any working day in an account.

The charges will be collected with applicable GST. The revised fees will be effective from 19TH NOVEMBER 2022.

Last Updated on: 09-11-2022 07:14:44 AM

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