FAQ Xorkee handle

1.What is Xorkee handle?

Xorkee handle is a unique string chosen by you to identify you (really, your key) to the xorkee service, it is similar to your email id. In applications where you want to use your digital certificate/key, you register your Xorkee handle instead of the digital certificate/key, because it is much easier to remember your handle. All the complexities of handling a digital certificate/key is hidden behind this handle.

2. Can I use the same Xorkee handle to access multiple Business Applications?

Yes. You can use the same handle across multiple Xorkee-enabled applications. This is the advantage that Xorkee brings to you. With one key/digital certificate as your identity, you should be able to authenticate or authorize with multiple business applications. You should be able to sign documents anywhere. Further, when the key/certificate changes, you don’t have to intimate the change with every application where you have registered your handle. Xorkee service will take care of notifying the applications of the change in your key, without compromising on the security.

3. Is there a limit to the number of Xorkee handles that I can have?

There is no limit on the number of handles you can have. You can associate one Xorkee handle to a key/digital certificate. If you have multiple keys or digital certificates, you need to get a separate handle for each of those keys/certificates.

4. What if I forget my Xorkee handle?

You need to remember your handle only while registering with your service provider for Xorkee based authentication. Later, when you are carrying out a transaction, you will be automatically notified to your phone or PC based on where the token is connected. However, you can view your Xorkee handle in the Xorkee app if you have set the phone as the default device. Otherwise connect your token to any Xorkee installed phone or PC to view your handle.

5. What is this ‘change key’ option and when should I opt for it?

This option allows you to change the key/certificate associated to your Xorkee handle. You might want to change the key associated with your handle because the Public CA issued digital certificate is about to expire or has expired. If you opt for key change, you will be able to continue with the same handle even after change of key. Xorkee will automatically intimate all business applications where you have registered your Xorkee handle about key change enabling you to continue using the same handle. This option is applicable only for users who have the key in a crypto-token.

6. Can I have multiple handles in Xorkee for one digital certificate?

No, a single certificate will be mapped to only one xorkee handle. A single handle may be associated with multiple certificates if you have obtained digital certificates from multiple CAs for the same key.

7. How can I change the digital certificate, but still hold the same handle?

If the new digital certificate is just a renewed certificate of the same key, then you only have to upload the new certificate to the xorkee service ( https://profile.xorkee.com). If you get a certificate for a new key pair, you will have to execute a key succession process at "https://profile.xorkee.com" where you will be asked to certify your new key with a signature by the old key and provide confirmation of your ownership of the new key by providing another signature with the new key. The process is simple and fully guided on the site. If you lose control over your old key (by way of loss or destruction of crypto token or mobile) and have obtained a new key pair and certificate in its place, keeping the same handle is difficult. However, you can retain your handle if you had registered a nominee for your handle in https://profile.xorkee.com. In all these cases the applications where you had enrolled will be duly informed about the key/certificate change by the xorkee service.

8. What if my digital certificate is revoked? How does it impact my handle or transactions?

xorkee server periodically checks the revocation status of your digital certificate. If your certificate has been revoked, all transactions with service providers that rely on your certificate will be impacted until you get a new certificate. However if your service provider is not dependent on your certificate, the transaction will not be impacted. xorkee itself does not revoke the handle unless your nominee blocks it. xorkee app - General

9. Why should I download yet another app for transactions?

xorkee app is NOT a transaction app. It is actually a super key driver that is or should have been really part of the operating system drivers for enabling public key usage. xorkee serves as a universal key driver for multiple crypto tokens. It is a simple and unified app which can be used for authentication and digital signature across multiple platforms. xorkee app also provides the eco-system for using crypto-tokens on mobile phones.

10.Where do I get the xorkee app?

xorkee app for iPhones can be downloaded from Apple store. xorkee app for Android can be downloaded from Google Play store. xorkee application for Windows and for MacOS can be downloaded from Odyssey web site (www.odysseytec.com).

11.Do I still require to download token drivers to communicate with xorkee?

No, the xorkee apps for PCs and mobiles come with drivers for standard crypto tokens built into them. The apps currently work with the following crypto-tokens without installing any drivers

  • Feitian ePass
  • Safenet/Gemalto
  • G&D
  • Watchdata PROXKey

Last Updated on: 26-09-2023 03:06:19 PM

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