Voice Biometric

Voice Biometric

Voice Biometric Authentication for Mobile Banking

Voice Biometric

CUB provides with an additional option for auto-identity verification through voice biometrics. I.e. login using your Voice. Voice biometric in mobile app banking can provide a range of benefits for customers, including enhanced security, convenience, cost-effectiveness, and improved customer experience.

How to Enroll for Voice Biometric
  • Update to the latest version of our CUB Mobile Banking App from your App/Play Store
  • Enter your Credentials for further authentication
  • You will be provided with type of options to be authenticated
  • Select “Voice” option and click on “Configure Your Voice”
  • Speak for about 20 Seconds to register your voice
  • Finally authenticate your option by an OTP sent to your registered mobile number
  • After Successful authentication login in voice with an ease
  • How to configure Voice Biometric Click here for demo
  • Click here for Launch Video

Voice Biometric
Why Voice Biometric

Voice biometric is a useful tool for mobile banking as it provides a secure and convenient way to authenticate users and prevent fraud.

  • Accessibility: Voice biometrics is an accessible solution for individuals with disabilities, as it does not require physical dexterity to use.
  • Convenience: Voice biometrics in mobile banking eliminates the need for users to remember passwords or PINs in order to verify their identity. Users can simply use their voice to authenticate their identity, their by making the authentication process faster, agile and personalized.
  • Reduced customer effort: By using voice biometrics, banks can reduce the effort required by the customers to access their accounts, which can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Improved customer experience: Voice biometrics provides a seamless customer experience, as the solution is language and text independent that improves customer experience.
  • Enhanced security: Voice biometrics add an additional layer of security to mobile banking. As a person’s voice print is extremely hard to spoof than to steal a password or PIN, and unique features used in the authentication process makes it exceptionally hard to falsify. Voice biometrics can help prevent fraud and protect users' sensitive financial information as it ensures that the person calling is indeed who they say they are.
  • It is a secure and reliable form of authentication: Voice biometrics uses a person's unique voiceprint to authenticate their identity, making it difficult for fraudsters to bypass the security measures.

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